Why Mentor ERP?

Mentor ERP is an innovative cloud based Software as a Service that offers affordable solutions, focused on easy and effective administration of Educational Institutions of any size.

Delivering a reliable and highly secured digital platform for Educational Institutions, allows easier management of interactions among faculty, students and their parents in real-time.

The Learning management has a built-in collaborative platform for the faculty to share study materials including videos with the students. Bring together face-to-face connections, assignments and conversations in a single platform

Paperless Administration

With Mentor ERP, no more standing in queues or filling out the application for admission or fee payment. Digitise all operational activities such as attendance, library management, Inventory, performance reports of the students. As the data get stored on a cloud platform with 100% reliability so, it promotes less usage of paper, which helps to save the environment.

Access Mentor ERP on the go with our state of the art mobile version of iOS and Android, with all the security and robustness.

Mentor ERP has a powerful communication process that keeps everyone communicated with up to date information through SMS, Email, and Push notifications (mobile). Additionally, the announcement dashboard helps for centralised communication among parents, students, administrative, and teaching staff to maintain uniformity.

Access Anywhere & AnyTime

Mentor ERP records all the data transactions of the students on a single cloud platform and accesses them securely from anywhere. It becomes more convenient for faculty, parents, students to access their data anywhere following an automated update of data.

  • Mentor ERP creates features and tools to engage students, parents and faculty accessible anywhere and anytime on any computer or mobile devices.

  • Bring conversations, study materials, assignment, reports and integrated apps together from a single Mentor ERP experience. Collaborate in real time with no boundaries, ensuring the data is tightly coupled to access easily.

Real-time Reporting

Mentor ERP offers real-time reports by saving time on manual work while generating new insights to improve your enrollment process, fee management, attendance, and any other decision-making requirement. Track student's progress at every stage of the enrollment process.

We cater multiple types of real-time report templates in our product, and these standard reports can be easily configured to track metrics from the admission inquiry process to the issuance of the certificate.

  • Admission Trend (Application Status, Interview Schedule, Admission Fee, etc.)
  • Attendance report (Daily, Monthly, Class wise, Section Wise)
  • Performance report
  • Payroll report
  • Transportation report
  • Balance Fee report
  • Guardian list report

Real-time Dashboard

Mentor ERP lets you set up your own dashboard precisely in a way you would want to access. A real-time dashboard contains multiple types of data visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available in the system. The data visualizations offer a combination of historic and contemporary information, useful to identify the emerging trends and monitor the efficiency of operational activities.

Admission: No. of applications received | Waiting List | Schedule Interview | Interview Passed | Payment Made, etc.

Student Management: Student Attendance Trend | Student Performance Trend, etc.

Employee Management: Employee Salary Range | Employee Level, etc.

Notice Board: It allows the designated person from Institution to post important notices online, which can be viewed by students, parents and faculty on their dashboard. The Institution authorities can also post pictures, exam schedules, important notices concerning parents-teachers meeting, picnic or activities/competition details, etc. to maintain uniformity in communication

Leave Management: Top 10 Employee Leaves Availed List | Frequent Student Absenteeism

CCTV Surveillance

Mentor ERP CCTV Surveillance brings better security control for students as they get monitored carefully. Students can be monitored closely during the examination to avoid ill-practices and emergencies. It helps authorities to track each and every event that unfolds in the classroom.

Ensures Student Safety: Installation of CCTV camera in the bus helps to monitor the Students, Faculty and drivers in real-time, thus Institution can ensure that their students are safe during their bus journey

Relief to Parents: Parents will be able to access the CCTV footage of their children on their Mobile. This has proved to be a great relief to parents that they can see their little ones when they are at Educational Institution

Prevent ill-practices: As Institution can pay attention to every student closely and carefully so it helps to prevent ill-practices during examinations and any indoor events and competition

Live Bus Tracking

The Mentor bus live tracking solution is modelled to provide the administration with a bus security system to ensure the safety of school children in transit. We provide an advanced Bus Tracking solution which is suitable for every Institution vehicle by allowing the concerned authorities to view the location of the vehicles from their Smartphone.

It helps in measuring the performance of the drivers by showing driving information and vehicle performance statistics. Bus Tracking provides information about the student attendance, & real-time location & timings of the bus answering the parents' concern about their child’s safety.

Geo Location: It offers real-time location of school buses. Access information through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or Tablet

Smart Live Tracking: It sends real-time notifications to parents to let them know about their child pick and drop time through live vehicle tracking on the Smartphone or Tablet

Data Security: It ensures that no student data is compromised, it offers complete privacy and a high level of data security

Improve Communication: It keeps parents directly informed and notified delays, whilst allowing Institutions to manage and control emergency situations. Allows a driver to privately notify Institution's admin of emergency events through customised push notifications

Report Generation: It offers report of driver’s efficiency of driving vehicle such as average speed, maximum speed, over speed, daily report on Number of students on Pick up & drop, Departure time, Arrival time, etc.

Productivity Improvement

With technology advancement on the attendance registration process, through RFID and, Bio-metric implementation, teaching faculty effort gets reduced. Additionally, the report card preparation effort gets digitised, resulting in the minimisation of manual effort. Thus, faculty can focus on teaching rather than operational work. The certificates preparation activities and the payroll management are automated through Mentor so, it reduces the human effort to a great extent.

Mentor ERP allows an easy management of documents digitally. Documents of any format, size or volume, including transactions can be efficiently managed on the Cloud based centralised repository. Secure access and retrieval of files is made possible through multi-factor authentication.

Data Reliability & Security

Mentor ERP protects your data and devices by deploying multiple firewalls and security protocols. We make sure your data is always protected and encrypted at rest, as well as in transit. Data reliability is ensured through the use of Geo-redundant storage (GRS). We provide comprehensive Disaster management services which include automated cloud back-up and disaster recovery.

As we use only the top cloud service provider, Mentor ERP guarantees the availability of our application at all times. We deploy our ERP application at a data centre closest to your location; we ensure high availability and assurance of your work and management not facing any delay.

Be it 100 or 100,000 users, Mentor ERP architecture is very robust and it has the capacity to handle your needs effortlessly. Plenty of provisions are made available to accommodate new features as per your Institutions growing needs.

Secure access and retrieval of files is made possible through multi-factor authentication.

Continuous Improvement

At Bloomlync, we constantly focus on enhancing the ERP solutions based on the Government updated policy, new feature request, or any new recommendation suggested by Educational Institutions beneficially applying for a wider audience. We would periodically add a new feature or update certain existing features, and will keep your Institution updated accordingly. As required, necessary training shall be arranged to the respective stakeholders on any new updates for free of cost.

Free Training: Training your team at the time of rolling out a new feature is our responsibility and hence cost nothing to you. The training can happen either online or at your site, depending on the most convenient mode

Survey: We will periodically take a survey on our product to understand how it adds value to make the management more competent and efficient

Centralised Communication

Mentor ERP has a powerful communication process that keeps everyone communicated with up to date information. Effective communication among the Institution, faculty, students, and parents are crucial for student learning journey.

Quick communications must be the highlight of any efficient management system. Mentor ERP caters every possibility of making several types of communication easier and quicker. Messages to parents, students, or a specific group of parents and students, every sort of notification, become easy to float. It helps to reduce the amount of time spent by the front desk team to make phone calls and leave messages.

Task Collaboration: It’s a platform where faculty can share the reference documents, study materials, whiteboard content to the students for effective communication and teaching. It helps to have one on one conversation periodically to improve the student's performance

Notice Board: It allows the administration to post important notices via online notice board, which will be viewed by students and staff members on their dashboard. The Institution authorities can also post pictures, exam schedules, important notices about parents-teachers meeting, picnic or activities/competition details, etc on the notice board

Easy Integration

Mentor ERP guarantees peace of mind. Mentor ERP stands accountable and responsible to make your management proficient with time and technical skills. Therefore, the system turns out to be an efficient way to make a stagnant position in the education industry. As a part of our commitment, we take ownership of the entire implementation process, end-to-end solution. Experts at Mentor ERP would do the job for you at NO EXTRA COST.

We can configure and personalise Mentor ERP to match your Institution branding. We would help you integrate Mentor ERP with any of your existing applications, payment gateways, bio-metric systems, RFID, SMS Gateways, and GPS systems. Our tech support engineers could help you implement field-tested best practices and assist you to improve the efficiency of the system thoroughly.


Dedicated 24 x 7 Support

Your success is our success. We are compassionate to see successful access to our system. That is why Mentor ERP uses end-user adoption as a key metric to measure the success of our implementation. Our tech support engineers would work with you to increase product usage to reach 100%. Deeper and wider adoption will be delivered through workshops and campaigns with staff to improve understanding and increase Return on Investment (ROI) much quicker.

We provide free classroom training, free onsite support for a week, free data migration of existing students and staff information and 24 x 7 support for post implementation. A team with strong roots is at your back for adopting this New Era of Management.